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A website dedicated to the fine porcelain collectibles produced from 1904 - 1997 in

Tettau, Bavaria, West Germany

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Fritz Gerold

Fritz Gerold 5/21/1904 -5/31/1968

21.05.1904 – 31.05.1968


As the second son of master butcher, Bernhard Gerold and his wife, Lina, Fritz Gerold was born in the town of Keitel. He attended elementary school and after his confirmation, attended a trade school in the neighboring town of Sonnenberg. He then completed his commercial apprenticeship in the wire weaving school of Paschold in Gräfenthal, before returning to an export merchant in Hamburg where he expanded his knowledge in the company Pachold & Trautschold.

It was shortly after his father's death (the co-founder of the New Porzellan Factory) in 1922, that Fritz Gerold had as a young director taken over the management of the company during a time when the Company was in a severe crisis. Upon his arrival he grabbed difficult tasks with youthful energy, stamina and a strong will, and mastered it well. On Easter 1939 he married Maria Müller and 5 sons were born of the marriage, so he very soon built his own house. In November 1943, they suffered the painful loss of their second-eldest son, Werner.

After the turmoil of World War II ended, he put his tireless creativity of production at the plant back on track after provisional lines between them were grinding the operation. Good connections to overseas customers helped bridge the difficult period of the postwar years and soon it was going back uphill.

In September 1965, his son Fritz was in a tragic road accident. This was a very hard blow.

Early in 1967 he had to undergo a serious operation, but bounced back and dedicated himself entirely to his work again.

In August of the same year he lost his mother. Although she died at the blessed age of 86 years, this beat Fritz Gerold so much that he never recovered from it. Due to the consequences of a serious illness around Easter, he passed away in the late afternoon of May 1968.

Before his passing, his political and local friends had planned on his upcoming 65th birthday to propose him as a Freeman. But sudden death came too early, and so Fritz Gerold was awarded an honorary citizen posthumously. Today, the large and modern factory cannot be ignored either from the local scene, nor of the importance of what it once was to the community.

Information provided by Madeleine Stein & the City of Tettau Archives.


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